Moving by Yourself or Using a Company?

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What is better, to move by yourself to a new location or use a moving company?


Moving to a new location requires preparedness in terms of money, effort and time, regardless of whether you use a Moving company or move on your own. This article explains the merits and demerits of moving on your own or hiring a Movers Chicago. It is best you first weigh the following considerations before your final relocation decision.

Moving on Your Own

  • Advantages

Renting a moving company can sometimes be very costly. If you have no truck of your own, you can rent one, which is very cheap as compared with companies. In addition, your belongings are secure and in full control since you are the one who will pack and unpack them.

  • Disadvantages

Moving without the help a moving company can sometimes be tiresome, especially if nobody is close to help you. Imagine asking your neighbors and friends to help you load your very heavy stuff on a truck, considering they might be at the same time busy with their daily activities. You find yourself loading everything, sustaining some injuries, or leaving some stuff behind. It is also risky to drive the truck for hours, particularly if you are traveling far and it is during the night. In your calculation, you might discover that renting the best moving company in Chicago is cheaper than a rental truck, not to mention the high prices of fuel.

Moving Company

  • Advantagesmoving-house-with-a-spouse-551909_218x218

The best moving company in Chicago will have trained and experienced professionals who will ensure all your properties are in good hands. These companies also charge lower than renting a truck, particularly if the traveling distance is long. In addition, they will also pack and unpack all your belonging, although this service will attract some extra pay. You also won’t have to worry about expenses such as unexpected truck damage or fuel, since your initial and one-time pay covers all this miscellaneous.

  • Disadvantages

Hiring a moving company can be expensive, particularly for short distances. Some movers may also trick you by claiming to offer services that they have no idea about. In addition, your belongings may get damaged or stolen if you do not use a reputable moving company. It is best to prepare and research early in advance on the best moving company in Chicago to use.

Why pay more? Why risk everything? It is so clear. If your new Chicago location is far, look for a good moving company to help you out. In the case of short distances, rent a truck and look for friends to help you pack and unpack.

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