Hiring the Best Moving Company in Chicago

What you need to know about hiring the best moving company in Chicago


It normally takes a lot of time to choose the best moving company in Chicago.

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However, the more time you take the better your chances that you will end up dealing with the right company. All you need to do is be knowledgeable about how to make the right decision and how to pick a professional moving company that addresses your main concerns. The following tips should help you find the best moving company in Chicago.

Is the company licensed?

The law mandates that every moving company must comply with state, local and federal regulations. A licensed moving company in Chicago meets all the requirements to operate in the city. So, before you choose a company, makes sure that you request them to show you their DOT license number, which you should then check to see if it is valid.

Reputation is important

The reputation of a moving company tells you whether or not it is worth dealing with. You can find out more about a company by conducting online research and by checking reviews and testimonials as well as customer complaints. The Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.com) will provide you with information about consumer feedback for different companies.836223

Is the estimate binding on you, or non-binding?

Binding estimates are agreements in writing, which are made between the client and the moving company. The price mentioned in the estimate binds the customer to pay that amount, even if the shipment weight is not the same as mentioned in the estimate.

Non-binding estimates, on the other hand, is just an estimate of the expected cost of the move and is calculated according to estimated weight and services required. The final charges will be calculated on the basis of the actual weight of the shipment and according to services provided.

Is the company insured?

In case your belongings get damaged then the moving company must assume liability for the value of goods being transported. Either Full Value Protection insurance or Alternative Level of Liability insurance covers most moving companies.

Full value Protection insurance implies that the company is liable for any item that is lost, damaged or destroyed, and whose value exceeds one hundred dollars per pound. The moving company can either repair the damaged items or it can replace a lost item.

Alternative Level of Liability can be bought without paying extra for it. This insurance plan offers very low level of protection.

References matter

Finally, before hiring the best moving company, check their references. Call past customers to find out just what kind of service the company offered.

If you want your move to be successful and non-stressful, then you need to find the best moving company in Chicago. The more you research your options and by asking the right questions, the easier it becomes to find the best moving companies in Chicago.



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