Will this be going on every Saturday?
YES! Except for the weekend holiday’s of Christmas and New Years Eve. We will be here from 9 am to 11 am. And out of respect for our neighbors, we will end promptly at 11 am.

Can we bring our children?
Please remember the 1909 House is a job site and you enter at your own risk. Please be mindful of your children and keep them with you at all times. Arciform LLC and it¹s project partners are not responsible for any injuries occurring on the premises. The 1909 House will only be accessible on the days and times listed. Remember, this is a job site and you are responsible for your own safety.

What made you decide to do a this?
Whole-house remodeling isn’t common. According to a Qualified Remodelers’ Magazine survey taken in July 2004, 40% of remodeler’s said typically whole-house remodels make up only 10% or less of their total business. Hence this is not the norm. And for a company like Arciform LLC, that specializes in period home restoration/remodel, it is even more rare. Whole house restoration/remodel is not only intrusive, extensive, and usually requires that people move out of their home for a period of 6 months or more, but it is also much more difficult to determine what exactly needs to be done to the home until you get into it.

Arciform at the completion of a 1906 whole-house remodel in NW Portland last year determined that while there are lots of rehab companies in Portland fixing up old homes, their homes are not open for your curious old-home voyeur or for the homeowner interested in restoring/remodeling their own home. Arciform also uses a fair amount of earth friendly building materials and practices on their job sites and felt that this was the best way to share with the general public their materials and practices. So why not combine the two and share an old home being revived in our city along with educating the public on how to do it with the materials and practices that are healthiest to the home and our earth! The entire 1909 House project team hopes you get a chance to come by and visit our classroom.

How much does “that” cost?
Working on old homes with a respect for old homes, it is my opinion that you really need a visit and a plan from a qualified designer in the field to get this. Every counter, window, floor covering is different, and numbers quoted are often misrepresentations until the actual project is reviewed. Square foot costs could be a guide, but rarely include proper installation with an old house due to its quirky nature and special requirements.


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