You have hardwood floors under the carpet upstairs?
Yes, the 1909 House will have beautiful wood floors when complete, but actually, they are softwood floors. Fir is a softwood. The difference being that softwood trees are conifers and hardwood floors are deciduous. Softwoods in the NW include cedar, fir, hemlock, redwood and the other piney trees that are green all year. Hardwoods are oak, maple, cherry and walnut: or trees that loose their leaves each fall. If our softwood floors weren’t useable there are other alternatives including reclaimed floors from other deconstructed old structures. Fir floors were the most common flooring choices in homes a the turn of the last century. Being that they are so soft and can only be refinished so many times, it’s not unusual that they eventually have to be replaced.¬†–¬†Richard De Wolf,¬†Arciform LLC

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